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Automatic Enrollment for Disability Insurance

Helping employees make the best choice

When it comes to enrolling in disability insurance, human nature can interfere with making good decisions. In fact, 90% of workers think all employers should offer disability insurance1, but when it comes time to sign up, only 26% actually follow through2. Unum’s auto-enrolled disability plans nudge employees in the right direction while preserving their freedom to choose. Unum insurance plans provide cost-effective financial protection to those who need it most, so contact us today to learn more about automatic enrollment for disability plans.

Why choose Unum?

Industry leader ranked #1 in group disability3, individual disability4, and life5; #3 in voluntary6
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We serve 44% of the Fortune 100 companies7
More than 165 years of employee-benefits focus and expertise
Our diverse benefits solutions include:


An array of easy-to-administer benefits for employees who can't work due to illness or injury


Valuable protection against the unexpected costs of an accidental injury



Essential protection for employees' loved ones — with flexible options for workers at all stages of life


Simple, cost-effective coverage for a vital aspect of employee health


Critical illness

An important benefit to help employees weather the out-of-pocket costs of serious illnesses

Hospital indemnity

Coverage for employees who want protection from the high cost of hospital stays and medical procedures